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WOW, what a great response to our first ever Crowborough & Villages Scarecrow Trail. Thank you to everyone who made a scarecrow and also to those who enjoyed finding them over the last two weeks.

The good news is that we will be doing it again next year (2021), but due to the amazing amount of scarecrows we need to make a few changes and we would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts.

Here are some notes from our end


Promotion & Marketing

This years trail was organised with no budget, so we relied heavily on the power of social media and you spreading the word to family and friends (Thank You). Next year we could possibly seek banner/poster sponsorship to let more people know?  (especially those not on social media)

Charity Donations

A lot of people thought it was for a charity, do you think we should charge an entry fee that goes to a local charity or would that put you off take part?  We didn't really want to charge for this event as we wanted it to have no motive, other than a bit of community fun!


Trail or Festival?

This year we've had over 112 scarecrows plotted on a trail map (we honestly thought we would get 10-15 scarecrows!), So the trail took 3+ hours to complete and a lot of fuel/emissions. If we get anywhere near the same amount next year then the event might work better as a 'Festival'. People can still register a scarecrow and they can go on a Google map (viewed online), but giving each entry a number sign takes a lot of time and money (print, encapsulating and fuel delivering numbers).

Trail Map

This year we offered three trail map options:

  1. Google Map showing all registered scarecrows (plus bonus scarecrows)  so that people could view on smart phones. It also meant we could add notes about each scarecrow location and add any additional scarecrows at a later date.

  2. List of all registered scarecrows that could be printed off at home. Scarecrow hunters could tick off the ones they found, but  the downside was it was several pages long.

  3. Screen shots of the Google Map - aimed at those who didn't have a smart phone. This was several pages long and we couldn't fit all the locations on the pages.


Why Crowborough & Villages?

We've called it 'Crowborough & Villages' as 'Crowborough Families' reaches audiences across several different areas. I also feel it's important that we come together/support each other as one big community.

What/who is Crowborough Families?

Crowborough Families is run by us (The Turners) who are a local family. Originally started in 2018 (but put on hold for a few years due to family life), we are currently in the process of applying to make it a CIC (Community Interest Company), which will mean we can apply for funding and make sure the community is at the heart of everything we do. We will explain more in a few weeks, but we have lots planned for 2021 and it involves you!