You're heard about our 2021 Scarecrow Festival & would like to take part?

There are some simple rules you need to follow so that we make this

community activity enjoyable for everyone. It's FREE to register a scarecrow, but

if you would like to donate to our two chosen charities

(Baby2Baby & Beyond and Rotherfield St Martin) then please click here.

The Rules

  • All scarecrows must be displayed on private property (not public) and secured.

  • It's the responsibility of the scarecrow maker/owner to ensure that their scarecrow is maintained over the festival period. Your scarecrow should not displayed where a member of the public could be injured or damage to property caused.

  • Your scarecrow theme or name should not be political, racist or cause offensive - think family friendly and kindness!

  • You must agree to display your scarecrow from Monday 30th August until Sunday 19th September 2021 (roughly 3 weeks)

  • Sadly last year we had a few people pull out without letting us know and it caused a few sleepless nights! If you decide not to take part, please, please, please can you let us know before 25th August so we can take you off the map. 

The interactive map will be available to view online from 30th August 2021 via a link on the website. The only information on the map will be the following:

  • Scarecrow Name

  • Road or Lane Name

  • Business Name if required

We would love to share some pictures of your scarecrow. Please tag us in any pictures you post (including the making process) by using the #crowboroughfamilies on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Our social media handle is @crowboroughfamilies

Click here for the Google Maps link.png

Personal information:
The information you include on the registration form will not be made public (only the scarecrow name and road name) on the map and we will only use the contact details if there is a question or problem with your scarecrow. You can view our privacy policy here.