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Here is a list of all the names currently registered (updated by 10am each morning).


My Scarecrow isn't listed?

If you have registered a scarecrow and it's not listed below, then please email me via (apologies in advance!)

Changed your mind about taking part?

If you have changed your mind about taking part then please email me so I can remove

you from the list (Deadline to withdraw 25th August 2021). Last year we had a few no-shows

and it caused a lot of time to rectify. 

Can I change the name of my scarecrow?

Yes you can, but I need to know by 25th August 2021.

Will my scarecrow get a number this year?

Unfortunately this year the scarecrows will not get numbers pinned to them, but they will be numbered on the map, along with their names. 

Scarecrow Names for 2021


Snail & The Whale

The Lorax

The Gardener - Pop up plant stall at Swaylands, Blackness Road

Tom Daley - Rotherfield St Martin Charity


Man's best friend


Super Mario

This Is The Way

The Queen of Queens Road


Bill and Ben

Pumpkin - I’m unique and Shelly's Shack

Harold Hedgetastrophe

Izzy and her unicorn

Owen and Blue

Priory Principles - Priory Adult Care

The Three Little Pigs

Scrappy - Artytime ScrapStore

Tom Daley - High Broom Care Home

Mr Noisey!

Scarecrows Holiday - Starglade Group

Humpty Bumble - Bells Busy Bees Childminding

All Things Feathered and Lovely

The Lovely Ladies of Crowborough Vale WI - Crowborough Vale WI

Hope - Hookstead Day Centre

Humpty Dumpty

Vanessa Picasso - Katharine Jennings Fine Art

Mr Wineking - Alteus Wines

Stick Man - The Sticker House

Clowns - Crowborough Bonfire & Carnival Society

The Fisher Man

The dance of the Blackness fairy


Hay, Peter Pan's at the window!


Harry Shopper - Cuckoo line stores

Jill O’Lamtern

Delis the dog walker

Peter Rabbit strikes again!

A Frozen Adventure



It (Almost) Came Home

Aunt Sally & Worzel Gummage

SLiC Vic - Sustainable Living in Crowborough


Charlie - Fieldbuss/Brewbox

Pluto - Peonies from Pluto

Spider-Man and Spidey 

Westview - TBC

Alice in Wonderland

Mr Clumsy

Al Arms - Gow Systems Ltd

Barnaby B

The Three Little Pigs

Dan-Gun - Vision Taekwon-Do / VMA Fitness Centre

Mungo Of The Manor.

Windy Woo

Queen of Hearts

Mr Gummidge

The Three Little Pigs

The White Rabbit ( from Alice in Wonderland)

The Mad Hatter ( from Alice in Wonderland)

Sean Lock - Catts Inn

Music Maestro - Heather View Care Home (Care UK)

Super Spidey - Rainbow Nurseries

Elsa and Olaf - Rainbow Nurseries

Nature's beauty - Crowborough Hockey Club

The Gruffalo

Potty Gertrude


Boar on a Bike

Gunther Lederhosen


Super Mario