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Welcome to Crowborough & Villages Scarecrow Festival 2021. Below is a

'temporary' map of all scarecrow locations. We're just waiting to add a few 

more today once we've had confirmation from their makers.  


On Thursday I will be adding some download maps via the links at home. You will

be able to print these at home and enjoy spotting scarecrows

over the next three weeks (ends 19th September).


Crowborough Families and the scarecrow makers accept no responsibility for any injury or damage caused while viewing the scarecrows. Please do not use your phones while driving. Plan your trip carefully and be mindful of others and their private property.


Happy Scarecrow Hunting!

Click here for the Google Maps link.png
Click here for the Google Maps link.png

My scarecrow has not lasted the three weeks?

If your scarecrow goes rogue or doesn't last the rains expected, please let me know so I can update the Facebook group & map so that people know your scarecrow might not be on display.

What shall we do after the trail has finished?

Recycle & reuse! Please recycle what you can & possibly keep some elements for next time.

Thoughts & suggestions

The scarecrow festival is organised with zero budget,  which means there are no funds for road banners, posters and flyers, it's purely promoted through social media and word of mouth. If you have any thoughts/suggestions about making it more enjoyable if we do it again, then please let me know. I welcome all kinds of feedback.

Thank you for your donations

Lastly a BIG thank you for taking part as a maker, spotting them on your travels and/or donating money to our two chosen charities. We're a very creative community & it's great that we can come together for projects like this. Please do keep in contact as there is lots planned for 2022 now that Covid restrictions have started to lift.

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