Walshes Park Crowborough

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

About Walshes Park

Walshes Park is 70 Acres of open space owned and operated by Wealden District Council. It's open to all and there are no entry fees. It's a mix of timber broadwalks that follow the low flowing stream, gravel footpaths and freshly mowed grass paths that dart across the meadows. It's a great space for families to picnic and also explore nature. We watched a fox casually stroll across the meadow and we chased some butterflies in the long grass.

At the top of the park (gravel path, but it was ok with my buggy that has big wheels) you will come across a circle with benches and globe structure (snack stop!) where you can enjoy the views. In the next field you will find some giant wood boots that were a big hit with my 4yr old!

We really like this park as it offers a mix of everything for all ages. It's also next to a play park that caters for all ages and also has a basketball court.

The Wealden District website states...

"Over the next few years we shall be introducing timber boardwalks to the wetter fields to enable their use all year, as well as sympathetically opening up the Moat Field to enable a glimpse into the past. If you want to become more involved in the site and its development please contact the openspaces@wealden.gov.uk.

The ‘Alder Brook’ passes through the site, it feeds into the River Medway near Groombridge. We are opening up the area to encourage more wildlife and will be providing informal paths and bridges over the brook. We are also taking steps to encourage brown trout back into the river which many locals remember from their youth.

In Moat Field there is evidence of a medieval moated building which was called Walshes Manor. Exact details of its use are unclear. Over the coming years we will be working with expert bodies to find out more about the site. The public footpath across the site is believed to have been an old droveway."

Accessibility For All:

The path from the new car park in my mind is not accessible for all. It's compacted stones/rocks, so very uneven and hard to push a buggy on. If you need a tarmacked path, then unfortunately you will need to still park outside residents homes. The 'kissing gates' open wide to allow for wider wheels. There are several different paths the cross the meadows at Walshes Park. The timber broadwalk is the first path you come onto from the car park. It's pretty flat and follows the stream across three meadows. The other paths are gravel and located at the top of the meadows. If you would like to access these paths with wheels, turn right at the end of the timber broadwalk (comes out onto a lane), follow the lane up the hill (not over the bridge) and at the top of the hill is another gate back into the park. You can explore the top paths of the park which have beautiful views across to Heathfield.

Walshes Park Car Park Postcode:

New carpark is located off Kingfisher Drive, TN6 3FQ. You will need to access it through the new Nightingales housing development (opposite the parade of shops).

Flat/smooth roadside parking is at Alderbrook Way (postcode TN6 3EF). This is outside residential buildings, so please be mindful when parking in front of someones home.

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