Baby2Baby and Beyond

Baby2Baby collects donations of baby and children's clothing and essential items to redistribute them to families in need in East Sussex and surrounding areas. 


Whilst their service is relatively low cost, they do have costs that can't be avoided. This includes things like rent for 'Baby2Baby HQ' where volunteers sort and organise donations and bundles, and packaging products for our carefully presented bundles. There are also 'essentials' they need to buy to complete bundles e.g. items that cannot be gifted second-hand such as cot mattresses.

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Rotherfield St Martin

Rotherfield St Martin is a community led charity dedicated to providing holistic support to older people living in our rural community. The main focus of which is to prevent isolation and loneliness.


RSM are looking to develop some new areas of work. Amongst their aims are to:

  • Become a dementia friendly village

  • Expand our dementia programme

  • Develop a blueprint for community-based care of older people that can be replicated across the country

  • Mentoring and guiding other community organisations to set up their own initiatives.

Any money raised will be split equally between the two charities

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